Welcome to our first ever virtual Commission Summit, where you’re invited to learn about major shifts in how you can generate commissions and build an affiliate business online in 2022.

The Commission Summit will be held at 11am ET on Thursday the 12th of May, and will run for 4-5 hours. This years’ summit will hone in on a significant pendulum shift in the world of affiliate marketing, and it'll be a full treasure-trove of information, tactics and strategies.


NOTE: This is a 100% LIVE event, please make sure you tune in to avoid missing out! 

Much like how the Covid pandemic changed the eCommerce landscape (how people buy and shop online), something similar has been happening in the affiliate world, where we’ve seen a reinvention of affiliate marketing (more on this shortly).

This reinvention coincides with a gradual return to the ‘new-normal’ globally…  

The Rebirth of Lifestyle.

2022 has been a year of rebirth and regeneration for many... for Steve and I (Aidan), it’s been a return to travel, a return to in-person meetings, a return to social events, much of what was previously ‘normal’. 

But let’s not kid ourselves, 2022 is not the same as 2019 (pre-pandemic) and 2023 won’t be either.

  • The way people work has changed.
  • The way people educate themselves has changed.
  • The way people entertain themselves has changed.
  • The way people interact socially has changed.
  • The way people shop has changed.
  • The online landscape in general has changed.

We’ve discussed this quite a bit over the past 6-12 months, specifically relating to eCommerce, but we haven’t shared much about what we’re seeing in Affiliate Marketing…

The Re-Invention of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing in 2022 is breaking new ground. 

Here are the 5 major developments worth looking at:

1. A shift towards PHYSICAL products

What we’re seeing is a fusion between traditional eCommerce and traditional affiliate marketing, with MANY more physical products being sold by affiliates.

We have long been fans of selling physical products as affiliates, more on this in our next post (we’ll share a few of our top selling products)!

2. Much bigger focus on SOCIAL 

We’re also seeing a much more social element to buying online, specifically related to consumers taking charge by actively seeking reviews and comparisons of products, and through more selling (and pre-selling) via social media. 

This is also a return to days gone by, we’ll share an example site from 2008 in our next post that leveraged the beginning of consumer-lead selling (“self selling”), a glimpse of which you can see below:

3. Popularity of affiliate MEGASTORES (vs niche sites)

This one feels more surprising at first glance, but less so when you dig a little deeper. 

If you’ve been following our approach to selling physical products via eCom stores (Quantum, Eclipse, etc), you’ll know we prefer general stores to niche stores when getting started because it allows us to cast a very wide net when we test products.

This is *NOT* how we’ve normally approached affiliate marketing... up until now, the preference has been to build laser-focused niche websites. 

What’s really exciting about the shift towards ‘Megastores’ is that they lend themselves to a MUCH broader marketing strategy, not shackling us to a specific niche or product range, and allowing for MASSIVE expansion of products you can sell.

This opens the door to building a LARGE income stream via a large number of ‘small streams’.

4. The growth of Smart Content

Smart content’ is almost ‘AI’ (artificial intelligence). 

It’s where tools and humans interact to build content which is BETTER than the average human could make on their own, and enables it to be made in a fraction of the time... that’s a pretty good outcome in my opinion!

For obvious reasons, this wasn’t possible years ago.. The technology simply wasn’t there yet.

5. The maturity of Content Marketing

Content marketing used to be about publishing mediocre ‘ezines’, releasing crappy ‘press releases’ and for the ninjas out there, video syndication (gasp!!), etc.

Thankfully as online marketers we’ve collectively upped our game!

Content marketing is now a value-adding activity, and content syndication is less about blasting out to low quality networks of websites and more about building on the enormous power of platforms like Amazon, Google, Apple, YouTube, large online publications (Time, Inc, Entrepreneur, Mashable, etc) and many others.

There are fewer hacks for content marketing compared to the "Wild West" of online business a decade ago, but it’s also FAR more predictable and easier to do.

All these developments and more lead us to where we’re at with Affiliate Marketing in 2022, and give us a clear idea of what the future of affiliate marketing holds. 

Over the coming week we’re going to dive into this in a lot more detail by sharing more thoughts with you, and tying it all together in a half-day summit (which will be lead by an expert in this area) that we’re running on Thursday the 12th of May.

Here’s what you can do now:

1. Register for the Summit

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2. Learn more about affiliate marketing today.

We hope you’re as excited as we are, here’s to breaking new ground with a new way of marketing in 2022!

Aidan and Steve